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I’ m Ben, Founder of Westerby Consultancy. We add value to your business by helping you see, think and act differently so you make more money, use your time more efficiently and feel less stressed about running your business.

Challenging you to look at your business in a new way

Numbers can be complicated. But I’ ve been working in finance for more than two decades, stepping into different organisations, getting to know business owners, and unpicking facts and figures so they make sense to you and your investors. At Westerby Consultancy, our straightforward style and easy-to-understand terms make sure you know exactly what you ’ re dealing with from the start. And, if you don ’t know, tell us. It’ s only when you challenge your thinking that you can make the right decisions with confidence.

Flexible finance support on your terms

We ’ll find out what your business and its finance department wants – and deliver it. From forecasts and investments to strategies and sounding boards, you ’ll get finance support that fills gaps and explains your numbers in a way that makes sense. You also need empathy, resilience and financial clarity to run your business well. So we combine a traditional FD role with qualified coaching (I’ m a CIMA-qualified accountant and an ILM Level 7 coach). As we combine financial skills with mentoring, you ’ll review your business from every angle. Not only does that mean you ' re more likely to achieve your goals, you 'll also win back valuable time to spend with the people who matter the most.

Adding value to your business, your way

As a business owner, the expense you ’ll see first off is how much you ’ re paying us. But with an outsourced FD, you only pay for the services and time you use, gaining proper finance knowledge at a fraction of the cost of an in-house FD. We ’ ve built a strong network of people in different sectors and specialisms. No matter your industry, background or business size, tell us what you do, how you work and what you need. Then, we ’ll show you how your numbers will get you there.

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